What do you get when you mix a Baby Boomer with a Millennial? Assuming age before beauty, I suggest a BoomennialMy business partner and I have a Boomennial relationship.

Before we started our business a year ago, many counseled me not to partner with her. They feared she had too few years of experience and would lack commitment to the firm. They thought she would jump if something more interesting came along. And, as it turns out, many counseled her against partnering with me. They cautioned that I had too many years of experience and would lack commitment to the firm. They said I would leave if something more interesting came along – presumably retirement. 

Boomennial companies are becoming more common as children join their parents in the family business. In those cases, the Boomer’s retirement and the transition for the next generation may have been planned for years. But, what happens when the partners are not related? Luckily for us, we have proven the naysayers wrong and our partnership is working well. Here are a few of the reasons that our partnership works.

  • We have a similar work ethic. We both enjoy working and typically complete tasks at a similar pace. We are both very organized list-makers and we share the same standards of excellence.
  • We both want to learn and grow. Our growth areas are not the same, but our skills sets are complementary so we can help each other learn. 
  • We are not embarrassed to admit what we don’t know. We ask questions and share knowledge to figure things out.
  • We both believe in transparency and frequent communication. We catch up on all aspects of the business daily through email, texts, phone calls and in-person meetings. 
  • We resolve issues in real time so we can maintain a positive outlook.
  • We are in lock-step on the goals and vision for our company.

Yes, there are the occasional generational differences that primarily manifest in cultural references. She has never seen movies that I consider classics, like Spinal Tap and Chinatown. But, by the same token, I have never even heard of four of her five favorite bands. Happily, the difference in cultural icons does not influence our work relationship. We are more alike than different in our approach to business which significantly reduces the gap between generations for our firm.

SynaVoice is a women-owned Boomennial company. Follow us at http://www.synavoice.com.


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