Isolated Delete key on white with soft shadow


Confession: I am addicted to Twitter. I constantly check my Twitter feed.  I check @TwitterMoments from moment to moment afraid that I will miss out on some global happening in the minute it is happening. I look at the feeds for all the games. “Make a movie into a food dish” and “Why you like squirrels in five words” have a strange fascination for me.  I don’t want to miss out on a laugh or something clever. As for politics…I checked every hour hoping to divine something about the US populace from the pro and con tweets.

Observation: Twitter is uniquely suited to hostile, snarky, glib and hateful messages.  It does not take much to hurl an insult and it can be done in 140 characters easily. In contrast, 99.9% of all communication that is beautiful, nuanced, empathetic, kind, meaningful or educational takes more than 140 characters.  Think: poetry, prose, theater, movies, music and school books.  Even in death, #RIP is not a memorable sentiment. To truly mourn a loss, you need more than 140 characters. 

Resolution: I am going to reduce the negative, hurtful, hateful noise in my life. I am going to live in the moment instead of check every moment. While Twitter will still play a role in my professional life, in my personal life I will…Delete. My. Account. 

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