Sunset photo by Julie Rothhouse and posted on Instagram


Last November in Delete My Account, I wrote about Twitter and how the negativity was, in essence, bumming me out. I must confess that I have returned to Twitter but only for a few minutes every day to catch up. Not on the news – which I get from old fashioned newspapers – but on the mood and reaction to the news from all sides. I still find it depressing. Tweeters use 140 characters to shame and belittle their real or imagined opponents. There is a preponderance of tweets about disasters – from local to international and from man-made to natural. Bad news is the norm, as evidenced by the expectation of death when a celebrity is mentioned with no context.

And then I discovered Instagram, (cue the heavenly music). Instagram is my antidote to Twitter. Instagram celebrates personal achievements and milestones like weddings, graduations and births. What’s more, the posts on Instagram are about people you know personally and have a connection to. And, the pictures are beautiful and flattering. Instagram is the perfect medium for National Geographic with its treasure trove of gorgeous photos of people, nature and animals. It is also a place where artists and coloring enthusiasts can display their work and pet lovers can post daily shots of adorable cats and dogs.

Instagram is my reminder that not all public discourse is contentious and mean spirited. A picture is worth a thousand words.  A tweet is limited to 140 characters. Sometimes more is better.


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