Words seem to be disappearing. While this is not a new trend, it is none the less disturbing.  Twitter figured it out and capitalized on the trend by setting a character limit which forced an economy of words. Suddenly, the many ways to say funny (e.g., hilarious, hysterical, humorous) were replaced with three letters: LOL. The recipient of the LOL doesn’t really know if they elicited a giggle or a guffaw. And now, even LOL has been replaced by an emoji. Everywhere you look, complex ideas are being shortened to a few words. Think #MeToo and Brexit. Television is on trend by simplifying what should be a discussion about the pros and cons of making a huge bet into: Deal Or No Deal. And now words are disappearing from brands. In the past four months, iconic brands have eliminated words from their brand names: Weight Watchers to WW; Dunkin’ Donuts to Dunkin’ and inexplicably; MasterCard to a Venn diagram. Words are important, they express ideas, provide explanations, convey nuance, influence behaviors, and change opinions. Let’s bring words back into our social, corporate and personal discourse.

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