shutterstock_297295937In 2014, a federal agency wanted to conduct a customer satisfaction survey for customers using their services. SynaVoice canvassed eight business groups within the agency to determine what services should be included in the annual survey. SynaVoice then developed survey questions and response scales, programmed the survey in an industry-leading digital survey platform, and developed external communications to accompany the survey. SynaVoice recommended to the client use of the digital survey platform, based on industry research. SynaVoice supported successful distribution of the survey to over 14,000 customers. SynaVoice provided the client survey results during the survey and created post-survey reports for each business group as well as an executive presentation illustrating the organization’s consolidated results.

SynaVoice has since supported the 2015, 2016, and 2017 survey increasing the distribution of the survey from 14,000 customers to 19,000. In 2018, SynaVoice is revising the survey to incorporate lessons learned from previous years.


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