Policy Consolidation

In 2012, a federal agency wanted to improve their approach to policy delivery. This required consolidation of over 900 policy artifacts to create a single, authoritative policy source for thousands of users. SynaVoice leadership led market research, stakeholder analysis, communications plan development, and policy artifact template creation for the agency’s business transformation. Most importantly SynaVoice leadership developed a proof-of-concept and table of contents for their new consolidated policy guide. SynaVoice continues to provide communications counsel to agency leadership and is responsible for all on-going project management for the effort which involves multiple business lines in various stages of policy transformation.


Management Dashboard

After helping a federal agency unify a customer-facing process, SynaVoice built a dashboard to capture milestones achieved in regards to the process. The dashboard, designed for use by the agency’s management, measured different sectors of the organization in their ability to complete each phase of the customer-facing process. Through visual representation as well as metrics derived from input data, agency leadership is able to see which areas of their organization are weak and strong across each phase of the process. The dashboard provides insight into organizational-wide trends as well as acute risks to be addressed.


Online Service Catalog

For a client charged with marketing Information Technology (IT) and financial services to federal agencies, SynaVoice created a catalog to showcase priority services and gain customer participation. In addition to providing service descriptions in plain language, the catalog offered critical details, such as if the service was federally mandated. Geared towards CFOs of federal agencies, the catalog provided a high-level look at the most critical information around priority services.


System Development Life Cycle

After consolidating two legacy organizations into one, a newly-formed federal bureau enlisted SynaVoice leadership to streamline an agency-wide process. The process included introducing a customer to a service and then implementing that service for the customer organization. To streamline the process, SynaVoice leadership developed common phases and recognizable nomenclature for use by all staff. SynaVoice leadership supported the client in training and communicating the new, uniform process. The agreed-upon language was based on the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) model. A visual quick reference guide was developed to help staff follow process steps easily and stick to the new language.

.Customer Onboarding Quick Reference_20140930_REDACTED


Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

In 2014, a federal agency wanted to conduct a customer satisfaction survey for customers using their services. SynaVoice canvassed eight business groups within the agency to determine what services should be included in the annual survey. SynaVoice then developed survey questions and response scales, programmed the survey in an industry-leading digital survey platform, and developed external communications to accompany the survey. SynaVoice recommended to the client use of the digital survey platform, based on industry research. SynaVoice supported successful distribution of the survey to over 14,000 customers. SynaVoice provided the client survey results during the survey and created post-survey reports for each business group as well as an executive presentation illustrating the organization’s consolidated results.

SynaVoice has since supported the 2015 survey and 2016 survey increasing the distribution of the survey from 14,000 customers to 19,000.